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Corbett Tiger Reserve - Uttarakhand

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Corbett Tiger Reserve in Uttarakhand is part of Jim Corbett National Park, spread over an area of 1319 sq km and boasts itself with the highest density/population of wild Tigers anywhere in world. As per the last census there were around 240 Tigers at Corbett Tiger Reserve, an obvious gain from the census taken three years ago. No wonder Corbett Reserve is one of most sought after Tiger watching forest for conservationist, Ministry of Environment, India and amateur enthusiasts.

Corbett Tiger Reserve

Corbett Tiger Reserve

The park is home to the Bengal Tiger and has the highest concentration of Tigers in wild, mainly due to complicated geography 'Terrai Arcs' .

<- In a deplorable incident - an alleged man-eater Tiger was gunned down after a vigil search for several days.

How can you explore Tigers with Dreamcatcher Adventures? We have close relations with Mahawats (Elephant caretakers) of Corbett, who have best information about the locations of Tigers of their region. Since the Tiger density is pretty high here there is always a good chance to get a sight of this magnificent Feline.

Corbett Tiger Reserve Tours

The possibility of watching wild Tigers is best here as the experienced guides know the exact location of the animal. Despite of all the factors Tiger watching still needs patience and desire.


A trip to Corbett Reserve would also give an opportunity to witness other wild animals like Asian Elephant, Ghariyal, Leopards and others.


Corbett Tiger Reserve


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Jim Corbett National Park - Uttarakhand

Facts about Corbett Tiger Reserve:

  • Dhikala and Bijrani range are open between Nov 15 and June 15.
  • Jhirna range WAS accessible throughout the year. But with Supreme Court order in July, 2012 this range is closed for tourists now.
  • Around 250 Tiger as per last census.
  • 1319 sq km (520 sq km core / 798 sq km buffer)
  • Elephant Safari rides
  • Oldest national park of India
  • Almost 600 species of birds recorded