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Permission and Copyright
Dreamcatcher Adventure allows you to view the information in this website and use it as information-base for your knowledge. You may retrieve information from the website, may even take printout for personal use only. You are strictly prohibited to distribute, sell or use the information on this website for commercial purpose adhering to our Terms & Conditions. You are restricted to modify, copy, distribute, reproduce, transmit, display, perform, publish, license, transfer, or sell information, material, products or services from Dreamcatcher Adventure website.

By using our website you are accepting to the Agreement and Conditions set under website usage policy.
Do not use this website if our conditions are unacceptable to you.

Reference Website
This website may contain links to other website used for reference purpose or to suggest useful information. Dreamcatcher Adventure does not endorse such websites. We are not responsible if you happen to buy/use the services/products offered by those websites.