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Kayaking in India is not a rage sport with the youth like it's in western world. However, the flurry of Himalayan rivers provides Kayakers the most difficult to test the rapids offered by the wild running Himalayan rivers. Some of them so wild that even Kayaking is not possible in those streams. Kayaking and Canoeing is an absolute adrenaline sport and one of the most challenging of all the extreme adventure sports. All this makes Kayaking in Rishikesh and other parts of northern India a spectacular opportunity to have a close shave with nature's fury.


Kayaking Course Rishikesh

Kayaking Course in Rishikesh

Pursuing Kayaking course in Rishikesh is excellent opportunity. The Ganga river provides perfect platform to learn and attempt Kayaking as the river is relatively safe.


Dreamcatcher Adventure offers Kayaking course - from Basic to Advanced - depending on your past Kayaking experience.

Kayaking Courses

Dreamcatcher Adventure offers bespoke rafting package in Rishikesh on river Ganges. Different packages are offered based on the previous rafting experience, fitness of pursuant, age and enthusiasm.


This is an introductory Kayaking course where we tell you the basics of Kayak in a briefing session. In first couple of days we teach you on how get inside a Kayak and initial Kayak balancing tips. In later stages we take you down the river stretch on medium category rapids.

Category: Easy


This is slightly more engrossing Kayaking course. Besides the basics of Kayak we take to the upper stretches of river and expose you to bigger and more challenging rapids.

Category: Medium


This is an more advanced Kayaking course. In the later stage of this course we go for a kayaking expedition on narrower but faster river of Himalayas.

Category: Hard


All the courses are inclusive of Camping and food package.


Vicky Thapa - Dreamcatcher's Kayaking Guide

Kayak Course

Vicky Kayaking Guide

Kayaking Course India


Contact us for a detailed Kayaking Course Package & cost and we would revert back to you. Kindly indicate the number of people and the course duration you want to pursue while contacting us.

Enjoy Rishikesh Rafting Package Tour with Dreamcatcher Adventure.



Kayaking & Canoeing in Rishikesh

Rishikesh is much loved destination for Kayaking in India. The mountainous landscape flourishing with rivers and rapids makes Kayaking a pleasure in Rishikesh. For challenging expeditions Rishikesh offers following rapids for Kayakers:


Major Rapids on Ganges, Rishikesh:

Daniel Dip - Cat IV

The Wall - Cat V

Three Blind Mice - Cat III

Crossfire - Cat III

Return to Sender - Cat III

Roller Coaster - Cat III

The Golf Course - Cat III

Initiation - Cat II

Double Trouble - Cat II

Hilton - Cat II

Kayaking and Canoeing Course Limitations

  • Physical Fitness is mandatory
  • Candidate should not be suffering from Asthma, other breathing problems and chronic Heart diseases
  • Children below 5 years not permitted
  • Candidate should not be physically challenged
  • Swimming is not a prerequisite but preferred
  • Recent bone injury means no Kayaking