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Shivling Peak Climbing Information - Uttarakhand

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Mount Shivling is a twin-peak standing at a height 6543 meters above mean sea level and often compared with the Matterhorn Peak of Alps. However, with its remoteness and severe weather Mount Shivling is more difficult to negotiate when it comes to climbing. It was 1974 when Mt Shivling was first climbed by a para-military force - ITBP using the west ridge. Since then Shivling has been climbed on a dozen occasions.

Shivling Peak Climbing

Going for Shivling peak climbing expedition requires a lot. A supreme peak climbing team, right weather, prior permission from IMF, finest climbing gears and of course the courage to face the unpredictable Himalayan weather. While the whole idea to go for climbing this peak may sound exciting it needs to be mentioned clearly that Himalayas dishes out extreme difficulties if things are not done as per the plan.

Mount Shivling Peak

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Shivling Peak Climbing

You may visit the Shivling wiki page for stats and additional information about this peak :-
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Base Jumping from Mount Shivling

In June, 2012 base jumper Valery Rozov did what seemed improbable. He climbed Shivling peak and jumped from there making it the highest Base Jump ever attempted - a record for sure. Dreamcatcher Adventure hails such an effort and urge Valery for more such expeditions.


Here is the link to that daring feet:

Red Bull Top Altitude - Valery Rozov Jumps from Himalayan Peak.

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Mt Shivling Peak Information

Shivling Peak Statistics

Elevation - 6,543 meters (21,467 feet) above MSL
Prominence - 850 meters (2,790 feet)

Coordinates - 30°52′37″N 79°03′56″

Peak Route: Gangotri - Bhojbasa - (via Goumkh) - Tapovan - Advance Base Camp (ABC) - Baby Shivling - Summit attemt - and BACK

Grade: Difficult peak to climb.

Trek Months: June, early July, September and October

Highest Altitude: 6543 meters above MSL
Caution: All climbing gears required, with great fitness levels and fearless attitude.