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Rafting in Rishikesh is one of the most challenging yet thrilling outdoor activities for those who adore adventure and nature. Ganges in Rishikesh offers a perfect platform for rafting in India where this river descends from Himalayas and sneaks into Rishikesh. Where, the perfect natural environment and even a perfect river makes rafting in Rishikesh an adventure lovers fantasy come true.


Dreamcatcher Adventure is amongst the most experienced rafting and outdoor adventure company in India. Our bespoke rafting packages vary for group to group thus organizing a dedicated rafting package that suits your specific requirement. Each rafting package we book includes, (i) snacks, mineral water and juice; (ii) primary first aid support; (iii) transport in comfortable vehicles; (iv) experienced rafting guide with support crew, and (v) finest Rafts of brands like NRS, A-One, Zebec and Hyside.


Rishikesh Rafting

River Rafting Facts

River Rafting in Rishikesh is often assumed to be a fun activity only with no danger of whatsoever kind. That's not true. Rafting in Rishikesh Ganges present rapids of Category-IV and below that surely pose challenge to some degree. Those with good fitness level and swimming capability should pursue rafting of difficult category. Rafting is a , that tests your and the reward is the you get out of it.

Rishikesh Rafting Package

Dreamcatcher Adventure offers bespoke package for white water rafting in Rishikesh on river Ganges. Different packages are offered based on the previous rafting experience, fitness of pursuant, age and enthusiasm.


Category: Hard / 2 days

This is a multi-day rafting expedition package for clients with substantial experience of paddle sports in past. This package offers Cat V rapids and would last two-days with night camping on a river beach. A safety kayaker would be a part of this package.


Category: Hard

This is one day rafting package for fit candidates with some previous rafting experience. The reason being "The Wall" and "Daniel Dip" - the two dangerous rapids. A safety kayaker would be a part of this package.


Category: Medium

A single day rafting package for candidates who have pursued rafting in past. Rapid "3 Blind Mice" is the highlight of this rafting package.


Category: Medium

A single day rafting package with loads of fun. Negotiating "Roller Coaster" and "Golf Course" rapids is an adrenaline filled experience.


Category: Easy

A single day rafting package ideal for families with children. This is safer stretch of river and rapids like "Initiation" and "Double Trouble" should be great fun for your group.


Category: Easy

This rafting package is meant for groups with children. This 2-km rafting stretch is fun-filled for kids under 7 years. Those jittery about the other more difficult rafting package listed above can also hop in to get a first hand experience of rafting. No previous rafting experience is required.


River Rafting Rishikesh


Rafting Charges in Rishikesh

Rafting charges in Rishikesh are not static and depends on different factors. The more difficult rafting package you pick the costlier it gets. Cost would also depend on the number of pax (people in your group). Rafting charges would range anywhere between Rupees 300 to 2000 per person. Contact us for a detailed rafting package & cost and we would be glad to brief you the same.

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Rafting in Rishikesh - Important Information

Rishikesh is the hotbed for rafting in India and is draws enthusiasts from not just India but across the globe. Memories from the "Four Square White Water Rafting Challenge" are still fresh in our memories. Below is the list of rapids in Ganges with their categories:


Major Rapids on Ganges:

Daniel Dip - Cat IV

The Wall - Cat V

Three Blind Mice - Cat III

Crossfire - Cat III

Return to Sender - Cat III

Roller Coaster - Cat III

The Golf Course - Cat III

Initiation - Cat II

Double Trouble - Cat II

Hilton - Cat II

Rafting Limitations

  • Physical Fitness is mandatory
  • Candidate should not be suffering from Asthma, other breathing problems and chronic Heart diseases
  • Children below 5 years not permitted
  • Candidate should not be physically challenged
  • Swimming is not a prerequisite but preferred
  • Recent bone injury means no rafting