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THE ART VILLAGE is an upcoming art & cultural homestay resort near Rishikesh that is far from civilization, yet conveniently connected to Rishikesh town. The Art Village is an expansive home-stay category guest house that allows nature lovers to explore the flora & fauna of Himalayas and at the same experience the Art & Culture of the region in a way never offered before. The serene village backdrop and views of great Himalayas in close vicinity makes it perfect for witnessing Himalayas without having to go very far. The region is surrounded by lush green wildlife with Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park - both in close vicinity. The food served here is so healthy and organic that you can never stop appreciating it. We will make our best efforts to make available anything you would need when staying far from civilization & market and make your stay at Art Village a supremely gratifying experience.


Art Village Rishikesh


Artistry at Art Village

There is an upcoming workshop that would provide you the tools and technique of making your own musical instruments. We are currently bringing up a workshop for “Didgeridoo” - an Australian aboriginal wind instrument, a long wooden pipe that makes a deep and echoing sound. There is facility for sculpturing, painting and workshops for traditional music instruments, hence allowing our guests to explore their own little fantasy world. There are no barriers to explore your skills and to identify the artist in you.



Food at Art Village

This is the best part of our place. At ‘Art Village’ you enjoy the primitive practices of agriculture and will be blessed with the organic food that no other guesthouse or hotel or resort can offer in this modern age. Enjoy the traditional Garhwali and Himalayan dishes as your menu. The amazing taste of organic crops, vegetable and fruits fresh from our gardens would make it a heavenly experience for you and your family. You can always look around our farms and pick what you would like to eat. Such an environment is the most unique concept offered by Dreamcatcher Adventure that very few holiday makers can conceptualize.



Wildlife around Art Village

The ‘Art Village’ is surrounded by dense forests and a variety of fauna in close distance. It's a thrill for people passionate for nature. Our home stay resort near Rishikesh shares boundary with two prominent wildlife of India - Corbett Tiger Reserve and Rajaji National Park. Art Village is frequented by visitors from the woods. There are hundreds of species of birds, reptiles and insects to observe. The wild life species inhabiting our woods include Leopards, Himalayan Black Bears, Tigers, Yellow Throated Marten, Wild Boar, Spotted Dear, Blue Bull (Neel gai), Sambhar Dear, Stripped Hyena, Rabbits, Fox and many others. You will get an opportunity to unearth this wildlife environment by the help of our experienced wildlife guides. You can even camp nearby in order get up and close with wildlife.








Package Tour Option

We can organize a package tour for Art Village combined with the following outdoor activities:



Nearby attractions:

  • 1-km hike for watching Himalayan peaks
  • Ancient Mahabgarh temple
  • Paukhal market
  • Hyule river
  • Camping for Wildlife


Get in touch with Dreamcatcher Adventure to know more about Art Village and how we can deliver a memorable holiday experience for you, your family or friends.

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Art Village Rishikesh Information

How to Reach Art Village:

  • 80-km drive from Rishikesh
  • 45-km drive from Kotdwar
  • 300-km from New Delhi

  • Joly Grant, Rishikesh is the nearest airport - 100-km away.
  • Kotdwar is the nearest Railway station at 45-km distance.

    Directions: From Rishikesh drive on the Neelkanth temple road and drive to Paukhal, via Yamkeshwar.

    * Note that regular buses are not available to Paukhal and personal transport must be arranged.